Patiala hospital denies they received any request for getting back organs

  • Vishal Rambani, Hindustan Times, Patiala
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  • Updated: May 19, 2013 23:57 IST

Authorities at Government Rajindra Hospital here have denied that the institute has received any request for returning of organs, which were extracted during the autopsy of an eight-year-old British girl of Indian origin, who had died at a private hospital in Khanna.

Medical superintendent Dr Vinod Sharda said, "Let me make it clear that the organs have no use for the hospital. The time between the death and autopsy was four days. When the organs were recovered from the body they had lost their utility for transplant. The family is defaming the Indian medical fraternity, whereas they themselves had concealed the medical history of the girl. It was a case of congenital heart malformation, for which she had twice been operated upon in the UK. The organs were removed to ascertain the cause of the death."

He said the pathology test had been completed and the family could claim the organs by making a request through the police, which requested us to conduct the post-mortem by a medical board.

He said Gurkiren's heart, lungs and brain were with the hospital and the family could claim them by following the due procedure. As far as kidneys were concerned, they were sent to Kharar for chemical examination and the family could take the police help to take those organs, he added.

It's the first such request that we would get. Till now, no one has approached us to get back the organs, as in India people know that except for the eyes nothing is reusable," he added.

A board comprising four doctors had conducted the post-mortem of the girl.


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