Rationalisation: Chancellor asks VCs to submit report

Governor-cum-Chancellor of universities Devanand Konwar on Tuesday asked all vice chancellors to submit detailed reports ratified by the respective statutory bodies to the government and himself on the practical problems they faced in implementing rationalisation.

The chancellor said universities must present their respective stands, as the issue of rationalisation seemed to impact variously in different universities.

“The universities should review the situation at their own level and find a way out so that it could be implemented with the least adverse consequences,” he added.

The department of education had set October 30 as the deadline for all universities to submit their revised budget for 2013-14 as per the proposed rationalisation exercise. However, none of the universities could do so for ‘practical problems’.

Earlier, the VCs had submitted a joint memorandum on the matter to the chancellor, highlighting the “upheaval it could create”.

They expressed surprise over the move to abolish posts sanctioned in the 1970s on such a large scale despite manifold increase in intake of students and inability of the government to delink intermediate from degree colleges, despite several assurances over the years.


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