10 apps that can help you stay safe

We’ve all felt vulnerable while walking alone in the city. And unfortunately, a year after the horrific December 16 gangrape, safety of women still remains a concern. While we debate and discuss to find a long-term solution to the issue, we at least have our daily gadget — the mobile phone — to our rescue.

And, giving a fillip to women security, many app developers have created women’s safety apps that help you reach out to your family and friends by simply pressing a button.

http://www.hindustantimes.com/Images/popup/2013/12/besafe_01.jpgWhile one app, on being activated, sends out SOS messages to people in your contact list, another unleashes a large scream to alarm the people nearby, and distracts the offender. Put your phone to best use by checking these apps out.

This is an application with a slogan which says: “Never walk alone.” This safety app aims to be your friend in need when you are stuck in a dangerous situation. It sends an SOS message to the chosen contacts on pressing a single button on your cellphone. The application mainly sets up a safety net of ‘Guardians’ — these are the people who recieve your distress call. Available on iOS, Android and BlackBerry devices for free.

When in danger, access this application to alert your friends and family about the situation. The app uses facilities such as SMS, map, GPS, GPRS, emails and Facebook to inform friends, once you press the button. When the special button is pressed, it sends an SOS message to your friends and also will be visible to all their other friends. The app is available free of cost on Android and Nokia devices.

This emergency app automatically dials voice calls to emergency contacts configured on the device beforehand. In an unsafe situation, shake the smartphone thrice within a span of five seconds. This activates the app, that then sends automatic voice call to your priority number. If the call goes unattended, the app sends an SMS to all the emergency contacts, and gives your GPS coordinates. Available on Android
and iOS for free.

This emergency app sends distress messages to your friends in the contact group as well as on Facebook walls, along with your location coordinates. When facing a distressful situation, click on the button and an SOS message is sent to a pre-selected group. Also, the app will send alerts about the location of the user, with updates after every 300 meters. Available on Android
for free.

http://www.hindustantimes.com/Images/popup/2013/12/besafe_05.jpgScream Alarm
True to its name, this phone app unleashes a loud scream in a woman’s voice whenever you press the button on the screen. The scream generated after pressing the button will help distract the offender’s attention and also alarm people nearby. It is the perfect way to raise alarm in a dangerous situation. Available on Android markets for free.

This application also helps you alert friends and family when you are in need. Sentinel gets activated on your phone with a simple press of a button, and immediately makes SOS calls and sends text alerts and e-mails with location information to pre-selected persons from your contact list. The application even boasts of working when the phone is destroyed or there is no internet access. Available on Android and iOS markets for free.

http://www.hindustantimes.com/Images/popup/2013/12/besafe_07.jpgLife 360 Family locater
This app uses GPS to locate and alert your family and friends. It also has chat features. And, apart from notifying your family and friends about your situation, it also helps you stay connected with the family members on a daily basis through messages, calls and mails. Available on iPhone, Android and Blackberry for free.

http://www.hindustantimes.com/Images/popup/2013/12/besafe_03.jpgWomen safe circle
Women Safe Circle is an emergency app that aims to help women stay safe and connected with their pre-selected contacts in a single click. With this app, users can call the selected persons in their contact list during any emergency or simply send an SOS with their GPS coordinates. Available on Windows Phone for free. 

This mobile application aims to help women facing a dangerous situation by immediately sending SOS messages to a group of persons, along with their current location details. The app also records video clips using the phone camera and sends video links. The application is available on Android markets, free of cost.

The tagline of this safety app reads: ‘Hollaback! You have the power to end street harassment.’ In this app, users can take a photo of the harasser and upload it as ‘caught in the act’ and send their story to ihollaback.org. It lets the perpetrator know that his photo is shared on the website and warns others from doing this act. Available on iOS and Android devices.


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