50-bedded drug de addiction centre at GGS college running with only 28 beds

  • Raghbir Singh Brar, Hindustan Times, Faridkot
  • Updated: May 31, 2015 19:06 IST

The 50-bed drug de-addiction centre on the premises of the Guru Gobind Singh medical college here is allegedly still running with the 28 beds functional though it was shifted to a new building many months ago. The rest of the 22 beds are yet to be allegedly provided to the centre by the District De-Addiction and Rehabilitation Society working under the supervision of the deputy commissioner.

Earlier, the GGS medical college was running only a 25-bed de-addiction centre in its old building. Against a large number of addicts, the centre has only 15 indoor patients undergoing treatment at present.

"The centre has some problems due to which the addicts do not stop taking the drugs. I had my son admitted to it and he escaped after 3 days from it. There is only private security provided by the hospital which is not adequate. The smugglers sometimes succeed in sending the drugs inside it. There should be very tight security by the police and addicts should be kept separately instead of 6 together in a ward," claimed a man from Faridkot.

"Little efforts are allegedly made to help parents or addicts. If one has money to pay, drugs can be bought event at the centre. There are hardly any de-addiction seminars by the government at the village level to generate awareness," the sources claimed.

But, Dr Arvind Shrma , head of the psychiatry department of GGS medical college and hospital, denied that there was any problem."We have deployed three securitymen there for 24 hours and each relative or attendant of the addicted person is thoroughly searched before allowing him inside the ward," he said.

"Some of the people may try to smuggle in the drugs, but do not succeed in because of the tight security. It is the firm determination and psychological preparedness of an addict plays a decisive role for de-addiction," he said.

While most of the people claim that once addicted to opiates like heroin and smack, the addicted have very thin changes of getting rid of them, but Dr Arvind claims that the addiction can be cured if the addicted is mentally prepared to say no to it.

"The patients are also admitted to the centre for a week or ten days and treated for detoxification and counselled during this period and, later, if need be, might be given some mediation for withdrawal symptoms, which are rarely there," he said.

Though the addicts take different kinds of drugs, yet heroin, smack, alcohol, and tramadol tablets are the common drugs among them.

"We provide services of the doctors and the other facilities as paramedical staff and other infrastructure is to be provided by the society. We have sent our requirement to it and are hopeful of getting the beds shortly," he said.

Dr JP Singh, superintendent of GGS medical college, Faridkot, claimed that the de- addiction centre was fully functional. "If it is so, I shall check it with the head of the department and ask him to make it fully functional," he said.

Mohammad Tayyab, deputy commissioner, said that he was not aware of any such demand from the de-addiction centre and if received, the action would be taken accordingly.

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