After burial of ‘spy’, Gurdaspur admn buries promise to kin too

  • Vishal Sally, Hindustan Times, Batala
  • Updated: Aug 14, 2016 10:28 IST
(Left) Karamjit Rahi, the ‘spy’ who died at Khera Kalan in Batala and (right) Ranjeet, Rahi’s son, who was promised a job, compensation. (HT Photo)

After the burial of Indian “spy” Karamat Rahi, the Gurdaspur district administration has backtracked on its promise of compensation and job to his son, saying it never made any written agreement.

Additional deputy commissioner (general) JS Grewal said he hadn’t promised anything to Rahi’s son, Ranjeet. “If Rahi was a spy indeed who did a good service to the country, we will verify it before we forward the case to the state government,” he said.

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Ranjeet produced a paper signed by the ADC and said the district administration was making fun of his father’s sacrifice. The copy available with HT says in clear terms: “We will give financial compensation as well as a job to the son of the national hero. As soon as we get proof.” Ranjeet claims to have even a video of the signing. Threatening to drag the administration to court, he said: “They signed the letter in front of the media and hundreds of villagers. How can they deny it.”

Rahi spent 17 years in Pakistani jails for spying. After homecoming in 2005, he moved court for recognition and compensation. For 11 years, he fought in the Supreme Court until prolonged illness took him on Wednesday evening. His family declined to bury him (he had embraced Christianity) until it had a written assurance of help from the administration.

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