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Bald and bold

punjab Updated: Aug 23, 2013 09:09 IST
Col (retd) DS Cheema

Curing baldness has grown into a multi-crore business. Lakhs of people are gainfully employed in enterprises that promise hopefuls miraculous cures to baldness. Why even the educated fall a more than willing prey to the marketing gimmicks of these smooth talkers.

Baldness is not uniform in nature. Those with a receding hairline like to be thought of as thinkers and those who have a balding pate on the rear of the head like being considered sexy. Accordingly, men who are bald all over can take solace that that they can be seen as sexy thinkers.

Those who think baldness is a curse should think again. In fact, baldness is bliss and has its advantages.

The most obvious advantage is that the baldies need not worry about frequent haircuts, the worry which ordinary mortals are subjected to every now and then. Even if they do decide to visit a barber's shop for satisfying their ego, they are welcome guests who may even get a complimentary haircut besides being pampered with a massage during their short stay.

Baldies in the armed forces are particularly a blessed lot, considering the stringent standards of a haircut.

All categories of baldies also don't have to carry a comb in their back pockets. It is a different matter that many still like to carry one to reinforce their belief that they would need it. Some find it hard to give up the customary touch-up before facing the world.

Another benefit is that even the strongest storm cannot disturb their hairdo. This benefit may not seem obvious to some but ask those who sport longer hair.

Also, a baldie's budget cannot get upset because of shampoos, hair gels, oils etc unless of course he decides to splurge a fortune on tonics to grow back hair.

During the rainy season, wet hair is a certain precursor to a bad cold. Baldies have no such worry; they can go ahead and soak in all the fun for it will only run off.

Without hair on the head, an increased area of the body is exposed to the sun, letting in more vitamin D. So, the bald can enjoy a healthier and longer life thanks to stronger bones.

Above all, baldness is a camouflage for actual age. There's no need to dabble in hair colours to hid the grey strands. No hair can keep everyone guessing.

So go ahead, be bald and bold for you have nothing to lose.