Brampton students work to demystify Sikh culture

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  • Updated: Mar 11, 2014 16:24 IST

Students at various schools in Peel and Eastern Ontario have organised events to create a greater understanding of the Sikh religion amongst the general public.

These events are being held in March to celebrate Sikh Awareness Month.

The Sikh Youth Federation, along with Sikh Student Associations at high schools, colleges and universities are hosting activities to celebrate the Sikh religion and shed light on aspects of the faith, many in the community may consider a mystery.

Organisers hope to answer questions like why do Sikhs tie a dastaar (turban)? Why do Sikhs carry a Kirpan? What/Who is Vaheguru (God) according to Sikhi?

“The events are for everyone,” said Prabhjot Kaur of the Sikh Youth Federation in Waterloo.

A variety of activities are planned at the individual events, including seminars, group discussions, Sikh martial arts displays, turban tying booths and free cuisine.

There are events scheduled at a number of schools, including the University of Toronto, York University, Ryerson and the University of Waterloo as well as Harold Brathwaite Secondary School in Brampton.

“It’s just opening up people’s minds,” said Kaur.

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