Capt asks AAP to spell out Punjab agenda rather than adding to anarchy

  • HT Correspondent, Hindustan Times, Patiala
  • Updated: Oct 25, 2015 19:06 IST
The former Punjab CM said Kejriwal was basically from Hisar in Haryana and had no business to interfere and indulge in the affairs of Punjab. (HT Photo )

Congress deputy leader in Lok Sabha Capt Amarinder Singh on Sunday asked the Aam Aadmi Party and its leader Arvind Kejriwal to spell out the agenda for Punjab rather than adding to the existing chaos and anarchy in the state.

“Please stay away from Punjab as you have nothing to offer except adding to the chaos and anarchy, the two things you are known for,” he told Kejriwal, adding, “as if chief minister Parkash Singh Badal was not enough to create anarchy in the state, we have this gentleman (Kejriwal) rushing in from Delhi to contribute his bit and expertise”.

The former CM said Kejriwal was basically from Hisar in Haryana and had no business to interfere and indulge in the affairs of Punjab.

“Before venturing into the troubled waters of Punjab, let him clarify his stand on the water-sharing issue pending between Punjab and his state, Haryana,” he said.

“You can either be loyal to your state, Haryana, or to Punjab, but you can’t be loyal to both,” he told Kejriwal, adding, people of Punjab would like to know his and his party’s stand on sensitive and critical matters that concerned them the most.

Amarinder appealed to Punjabis that next time any of the AAP leaders, including Kejriwal, came to them, they must ask him to spell out the agenda and the vision for Punjab.

“Do not let them get away with spreading chaos and misleading you,” he urged all Punjabis, warning, “After the disastrous decade presided over by the Badals, Punjab really cannot afford to experiment with chaos and anarchy.”

“Punjab, unlike Delhi, is not like an extended municipal corporation that you create chaos and sell alluring promises like free water, subsidised electricity and free wifi, without meaning to keep these, and storm to power,” Amarinder said.

The Congress leader asked the AAP to spell out a single feat its government had achieved in Delhi that it could showcase to the people of Punjab.

“Instead, what we have seen is a perpetually aggrieved and confrontationist chief minister who wants to pick up a fight with anyone and everyone at the drop of a hat, while the people of Delhi continue to suffer and regret what they did by voting him to power,” Amarinder said.

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