Capt dubs Jaitely as Majithia's guinea pig

  • HT Correspondent, Hindustan Times, Amritsar
  • Updated: Apr 23, 2014 23:08 IST

Taking a dig at his BJP rival Arun Jaitley for comparing him with Humpty Dumpty of 'Alice in Wonderland', Congress candidate from Amritsar Capt Amarinder Singh has ridiculed the former's childish fascination for children's literature and that too at the time of elections.

"It is difficult to make out what actually haunts Jaitely, the national issues as he loves to claim he is fond of raising and discussing or the character from a children's book", he remarked in a statement here on Wednesday.

Referring to Jaitley's comparing him with the Humpty Dumpty character in Lewis Carroll's children's classic series Alice in Wonderland, Amarinder said, "Looking at his (Jaitley's) interests and inclination, I have stopped taking offence of whatever he says or comments about me".

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He further said, "I really feel sad for the man as he is helplessly ending up as a guinea pig of Bikram Majithia".

Coming back to Jaitley's decscription of him as Humpty Dumpty, Amarinder said, "I am pleasantly amused at Jaitely's choice of books he is reading during the election time or the ideas and thoughts that have been haunting him at this stage. No wonder he takes childish offence for anything and everything that is said about him no matter what he speaks about others".

He remarked that no doubt Lewis Carroll's series makes a wonderful reading but sounds out of place at this time, amidst the din and sound of elections.

"We used to read and enjoy these stories way back when we were children and studying in school.

May be Jaitley took some extra time to read and understand these classics and has been so much amused that he has now even started giving examples from the series so liberally".


Capt Amarinder Singh also wondered why Arun Jaitley liked to hide behind shadows by shutting down his website.

Claiming that recently Jaitely closed down his website '', Captain asked as to what was the reason for him to shut it down and that too at a time when people would like to know about him and would like to access his website more than ever for information about him.

"Or is it that there were so many things which Jaitely had put up there earlier and would have been finding it difficult to defend now when he is contesting an election and finds himself answerable to people?" he asked.

He said this is a classic case of a man who does not want to subject himself to public scrutiny and tries to hide and take off each and every detail from the public view.

"You have always tried to make everybody believe that you are always wearing your clothes full and have nothing to feel ashamed about. Why try to conceal now what has already been revealed about you?" he added.

This remark by Amarinder comes a day after Jaitley had remarked that his adversary was an 'emperor without clothes'.

Claiming that Jaitley's website says, "We've stepped out for a bit...but we'll be back soon", Amarinder sought to know why did Jaitley feel the need to "step out for a bit", when everybody would like him to step in and be available and accessible as he claims and promises to be.

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