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Chandigarh’s young poets of love share their works, motivation

punjab Updated: Feb 18, 2016 16:24 IST
Oindrila Mukherjee
Oindrila Mukherjee
Hindustan Times
Chandigarh poets

Plato once said, “At the touch of a lover, everyone becomes a poet.” A bunch of youngsters in the city would swear by the line. One of them goes on to enumerate the three stages of love as described in Plato’s Symposium.

“So there’s Eros (sexual attraction), Philia (friendly/platonic love) and then there’s Agape (spiritual love),” says Pranav, a budding poet who is a part of Kavitactic: Poetic Action, a group started by a few Panjab University youngsters who think the city needs some poetry to make it a better place.

Gursaya Grewal, a first year student of social sciences and one of the founding members, says, “We wanted to get poetic talent in our city to come together on one platform, something that wasn’t there before. We wanted to do our own thing.”

So these guys get together every month to recite poetry, not only in English but also in Punjabi and Hindi. When asked what the day of love meant for them and what they thought about love poetry, they were quick to denounce Valentine’s Day. But their views on love are surprisingly fresh.

Let’s take a look at what these youngsters feel about love through their poetry. Excerpts from poems:

Her Pyre and His Tomb

He tells me I belong to fire,

And he to the Earth.

Ritual of my death reserved for a pyre,

While he be buried,

quenching land’s thirst.

And that’s why we couldn’t love...

Poets Talking About Love

Avleen Kaur Lamba (HT Photo)

Avleen: But I’ve read epic poetry and big books, on how love changed the world.

How lives turned, Cities burned,

In the name of the word,

We sit to discuss.

Ujjwal Bhuler (HT Photo)

Ujjwa: Is it really something worth fighting for?

Worth all the hurt it pierces right through?

Or does all this make love stronger itself?


Ankur Chhabra (HT Photo)

His fierce look, oh burning sapphire!

Would jolt down the shiver down her spine

One touch would show his alluring desire,

Which can’t be defined in these rhymes o’mine

She would then stiffen up by his touch,

and turn bleat red with shame so much...


Gursaya Grewal (HT Photo)

Our fingers frightened,

fumbling at novelty,

the abandoned dexterity,

of things that fall,

as slowly and carefully as you do right now.

The entangled mess of kites,

weightless now,

closing to the ground;

Kites, breaths,

we can pull them down...


Adarsh Raj (HT Photo)

Beyond horizons, till stars burn out,

With hunger, the fire in me shall rage,

For tides may come, and Suns may rise,

To fade, like beauty dissolved by age.

But flames enshrined within shall yearn,

As ashes devour the embers that flee...

Dujja Hissa

Puneet Raj Singh (HT Photo)

Kahi ni jandi hun eh dil di gal, vagair os botal sharaab deye

Dukh janda hai eh dil, gal mukan tohn pehlan he

Darda hai, kiniyan na-manzuriyan toh pehla, kuch palle pau

Waise ve aap soch-da hona hai...

If I were to equate the cleft on

Gursahiba Gill (HT Photo)

If I were to equate the cleft on

your chin to the crater on the moon

You’d find me pathetic

If I told you that your eyes held the secret to the universe

You’d shoo me away for having an oily tongue...

Beaming smiles out of the window

Arshdeep Kaur (HT Photo)

Beaming smiles out of the window,

Hands grasped in the thunderstorms.

Warmth of the jacket. Warmth of his hold.

Sound of the fluttering heartbeats. Coffee. Food. Sheets.

civil services aspirant

Kamaal karte ho

Navdeep Malik (HT Photo)

Kamaal krte ho

Sab me rehkar bhi anjaan sa rehta hu

Kabhi chup,kabhi kam hi kehta hu Fir kiu bewjah bawal krte ho

Kamaal krte ho

Masumiyat se jhagdte ho Maayus ho jab ladte ho...