Lok Sabha 2014: Comedy in elections too!!

Yes, it’s true! Comedy is not restricted to TV channels only, where every day new shows are coming up to generate TRP'S. The ongoing parliamentary polls, apart from being fought on a serious note, where the contestants are stooping to new lows to outdo each other, have revealed its funny aspects as well.
Although people are discussing about issues which would influence their decision to cast their precious votes, just to ease out the tension of the polls, many videos with comic touch have also gone viral. There are several videos on Youtube which are catching up the attention of the public.
One such video featuring kids playing the roles of political leaders is tickling the funny bones of the viewers. Har Hath Hari Patti - Official Kahul Baba Political Promo, featuring Kahul Baba (Rahul Gandhi), the video is funny where main topic of focus is corruption and 2G scams.


Then the spoof on Arvind Kejriwal or Tragediwal on Dukhdarshan video is also doing the rounds, where kids sing yo yo tragedy king and mention about dharnas (Chaar dharna thokna, kaam mera roz ka). The video also features movie titles showing Kejriwal in promos like "Dharna zaruri hai", "Meri Police Mujhi ko hi Miyaun", "Dhongress mix to Delhi fix", etc,.

Another video is political antakshri featuring cartoons of Narendra Modi, Arvind Kejriwal and Rahul Gandhi, who are singing songs to woo voters.

These political satires are gaining popularity not only among masses, but kids too are getting informed about the real politics in a humorous way.

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