Day of the wife, when will it be?

  • Ritu Nanda, None, Chandigarh
  • Updated: Jul 02, 2014 12:18 IST

Once a man asked God, Why all girls are cute and sweet And wives are always angry. God answered: Girls are made by me, And you make them wives! Your problem.

This is one of the many messages doing rounds on WhatsApp. It is sad that the poor wife is the butt of many jokes. It is high time that she is appreciated and given her due. After all, a wife is a life partner and a constant companion through thick and thin, who puts the family before self, and is always ready to help. Most often, she juggles the multiple roles of wife, mother, daughterin-law, career woman etc.

If sometimes she gets angry, it is for a valid reason, perhaps. What ticks her could be the husband’s spendthrift ways, chauvinist attitude or gluttony. If the wife stops him, it is for his own good. Will the neighbourhood “cute” girl dissuade him? Were it not for the wife and her outbursts of anger, the family would go all dysfunctional, and its harmony and discipline would be a lark.

It gives me an idea that the wives of the world should unite and demand an international day dedicated to them. “International Day of the Wife”: If we don’t bestow this honour upon us, the wife would be an endangered species. My Google search reveals that the day exists already on the world calendar. says it is celebrated on the second Sunday of every July, even though there is hardly any awareness or hype created.

Being an advocate of gender equality, I believe strongly that if there exists a wife’s day, there must be an International Husband’s Day as well. True to my belief, tells me that it is on October 25.

And yes, we do have our very own husband’s day in our country: Karva Chauth, an annual fast that most Indian women observe for the long life of husband. It is a different matter though that the wives get an excuse to spend an entire day in the beauty parlour and pamper self silly prior to the festival. Also, many wives manage to coax their husband into buying them designer outfits or expensive jewellery pieces for all the hard work they put into fasting. Well, intelligent wives do know how to get the cake and eat it too.

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