Diabetics, heart patients need to be careful about dental health

  • Vandana Singh, Hindustan Times, Ludhiana
  • Updated: Nov 12, 2014 16:07 IST

People having diabetes or cardiovascular diseases need to be extra careful about health of their teeth, say experts. Dentists say that diabetes, cardiovascular or other diseases like hypertension make dental treatment complex and difficult.

Dr Gagan Dogra, of Dogra Dental and Implant Centre, said, “Human body with its versatile organs functions as one unit, and if one part of the body is malfunctioning, it disrupts the working of whole body. Diabetes has direct adverse effect on oral cavity. Diabetes leads to arteriosclerosis, which leads to decreased blood supply to various vital organs of the body and tissues of the oral cavity. In case of uncontrolled diabetes drying and cracking of oral mucosa, burning sensation and decrease in salivary flow occurs.”

Diabetes, which is very common problem in Punjab, is ignored by patients when it comes to dental treatment. He said, “At times, it becomes difficult to make diabetic patients understand that they should control their diabetes before going for any dental surgical procedure.”

Dr Dogra said, “The most striking feature of diabetes is reduction in defence mechanism of body and increased susceptibility to infections. Thus, if a diabetic patient is not maintaining a good oral hygiene, he is more susceptible to develop dental problems as compared to a non-diabetic person.”
Also diabetes leads to delay in healing, he added.

Dr Ajay Chabbara, president of the Ludhiana Dentist Association (LDA), said, “Every second or third person coming for dental treatment has one or the other health problem. But diabetes or cardiovascular diseases make things difficult for the dentist, as performing dental surgical procedure with these diseases could lead to high infection levels, more risk and delayed healing.”

Dr Chabbra said, “When a patient is undergoing heart disease treatment, he should always inform the dentist because in heart disease blood thinning medicines are given and undergoing dental surgery in such situation could be harmful. Patients as well as the dentists should not ignore these diseases before going for dental implant, or surgeries.”

The experts said to avoid the complications during such disease, the person should take extra care of teeth, so that treatment could be done when the problem is small.

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