Drive to set record of planting 1 crore trees in world launched

  • HT Correspondent, Hindustan Times, Bathinda
  • Updated: Aug 24, 2014 23:25 IST

The second version of India's first world record book was launched here at the Bahia Fort on Sunday. Various national and international world record holders participated in the ceremony and also participated in competitions held on the occasion.

Record holders in various events challenged one another and set up new world records. Sarup Chand Singla, chief parliamentary secretary, launched the book.

On the occasion, an organisation Unique World Record Limited started a drive to plant 1 crore trees to set up a new world record.

New records made at this function

Gajanan Pandu Rangji Laadi from Maharashtra broke his own record. Earlier, he had the record of doing Chakra asan with 56kg weight tied to his body, but now he did the same with 60kg weight for one minute.
Parneeka Dhingra, Maharashtra, made the record of covering 100-metre distance in Chakar asan in one minute.

Saurabh Seth, Mumbai, broke the record of Greg PG of USA. Greg PG had the record of eating 15 chocolates in 4 minute 2 seconds but Saurabh broke his record by eating the same number of chocolates in 2 minutes and 52 seconds.

Milan Kuvabat from Gujarat broke the record of Bobby Natalie by doing 101 knuckle pushups in one minute. Bobby had the record of 58 knuckle pushups in one minute.

Mahmood Akram, 8, from Tamil Nadu made the record of youngest multi-language typist by typing in 50 languages.

Vicky Havale, Rajasthan, made the new world record by breaking 11 canes with his head in one minute.

Krishna Chaudhary, Rajasthan, created the new world record by breaking 15 canes with his elbow in one minute.

Manish Gupta, Rajasthan, made the new world record by breaking 25 canes with his foot in one minute.

Raman Kapur, Kapurthala, made the new world record by breaking 18 soft drink bottles with his hand in 30 seconds.

Appa Saheb Gaikwad from Maharashtra broke the record of USA's Aandhre Turun. Aandhre had the record of doing 83 deep squats in one minute and 200 in 3 minutes. But, Appa Saheb made the new world record with 99 deep squats in one minute and 298 in 3 minutes.

In the end Sabbi Mangal, chief editor of Unique World Records Limited, awarded winners certificates, medals and trophies. On the occasion, various spectators were also present.

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