Foreign cows a craze among farmers

  • Sukhpreet Singh, Hindustan Times, Ludhiana
  • Updated: Sep 13, 2014 21:26 IST

The craze of having foreign cows is growing fast among farmers due to high milk production by them as compared to the local ones. A normal local cow gives 7-8 litres of milk a day, while the imported cow gives 15-20 litre.

Moreover, the life span of these cows is also more than the local cows. Mostly the life span depends on the care of the cow, as the more people take care of them, the more they live.

The cost of buying these imported cows is double the cost of local cows. But a farmer's motive is to earn more profit, and they have to invest once to buy these imported cows.

During a visit to the kisan mela on Punjab Agricultural University campus, Guru Angad Dev Veterinary and Sciences University (GADVASU) displayed their cows and buffaloes for selling, but foreign cows were in more demand.

Local breeds of cows including, Shahiwal, Gahir and Jabranvadi were on display, along with foreign breeds Jersey and Holstein Friesian, which were the most preferred.

Dairy farmer Tej Singh said "Mostly farmers prefer to buy foreign cows, as they are more productive and have long life span. Foreign cows are a result of cross breeding with local cows."

"People should take care of cows to increase their life span, as mostly cows die due to low quality of food given to them. Limited food must be given to the cows, as over eating leads to health problems in them," Singh said.

GADVASU associate professor Parminder Singh said, "Mostly farmers are buying foreign cows due to heavy milk production by them, but these farmers are not aware that these cows need more diet than local cows. But mostly farmers do not give rich diet to these cows due to which, their life span decreases, and many cows die as a result. Farmers should buy the cows according to their pockets, as further care of these cows requires more money."

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