Going down to Sikh Park at comic convention with AdMan Dalbir Singh

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  • Updated: Dec 06, 2015 00:36 IST
AdMan of ‘Sikh Park’ comic Dalbir Singh. (Photo courtesy-Twitter)

A refreshing change from the tired, worn-down tropes of cliched sardarji jokes, the web comic ‘Sikh Park’ is a colourful, quirky, and lighthearted glimpse into the life of the community, that does not shy away from taking gleeful digs at its idiosyncrasies.

A spoof of the notoriously popular animated series ‘South Park’, the comic created by AdMan Dalbir Singh was initially a means for him to talk about racial discrimination faced by the community abroad. But along the way as it gained in popularity, it began dealing with things a more ‘desi’ audience could empathise with-from pop culture and music to politics and food.

(Photo courtesy-Twitter)

The content of the strip now, Singh says, is more of what happens in the everyday life of a Sikh family.

“Initially ‘Sikh Park’ was mostly for the NRIs. So racial discrimination was was one of the main issues we dealt with in the beginning. This included screening at the airport among other things. Then after moving to India, it was more Indianised and what everybody can relate to,” Singh says.

It was after quite a bit of brainstorming that Singh struck upon the name for the strip.

(Photo courtesy-Twitter)

“I was living in Canada. A friend of mine was coming up with a website which was about art and culture of the Sikhs. So I was helping him design the website and that’s when I thought that since we are talking of art and culture, it should have a humour section as well. We wanted to make it like a traditional newspaper. The first name that we thought was Karol Bagh. But because I was living in the west, I was not sure whether people would understand this. So we thought of Karol Park. And ultimately after jamming we got the name Sikh park.”

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