Govt nursery schools in pitiable state, DPI to conduct inspection

  • Ifrah Mufti, Hindustan Times, Chandigarh
  • Updated: Dec 21, 2015 18:23 IST
Parents are in for disappointment with the teaching environment government nursery schools have to offer. (Parampreet Singh Narula/HT file photo)

Broken swings, rusted slides, dingy rooms, peeling paint and cracks, the almirah filled trash and one attendant for a total of 180 pre-primary level kids are a few highlights of ‘government’ nursery schools in the city.

Parents are in for disappointment with the teaching environment government nursery schools have to offer.

Nursery teachers sitting in the school and waiting for residents to come and collect admission forms said it is bit unfortunate that the education department has been ignorant of nursery schools.

“I am on the verge of retirement and I have worked in many nursery schools within the city. In my tenure, I have never seen the department taking an interest to improve the conditions of nursery schools.

We do not have proper swings, adequate toys, classrooms aren’t spacious, washrooms remain dirty and window panes of classrooms are broken,”said a teacher on the condition of anonymity.

She added, “Considering the pathetic conditions of the school only labour class parents would send their kids here.”

A total of 110 government schools in the city are offering admissions at the entry level. While all have nursery classes, pre-nursery classes are only available in model schools.

Surprisingly, such conditions are not only confined to periphery schools but include sought after schools as well.

These include government nursery school, Sectors 16, 23, 19, 22, 25, 27, 37, 15, 40, 47 and 44 among others.

Hindustan Times visited four and spoke to teachers teaching in the rest to confirm.

Teachers on the condition of anonymity shared a list of complaints about nursery schools.

Teachers at government nursery school, Sector 16 said there is only one attendant for as many as 180 children aged 4 to 5 which makes it difficult to take care of small children who need special care at every moment. Also, the washrooms are common for security guards and children.

Similarly, at government nursery school Sector 23, the walls are of poor texture, there are old toys and almirahs, broken blackboards which have gathered layers of dust.

The condition is despite the school housing a sweeper and his entire family within premises. The only washroom is in need of urgent repair while the classrooms need renovation.

In government nursery school, Sector 19, the classroom has four walls but the roof is made of tin.

One of the teachers said, “Inadequate toys, ill-maintained washrooms and bad swings are common problems which continue to be ignored by the department till date. The department should at least check schools at the time of admissions.”

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