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I won’t fill my coffers for the coming generation: Yashpal Sharma

punjab Updated: Apr 22, 2014 10:24 IST
Usmeet Kaur

As kids, we often wrote imaginative pieces on what would do if we became the prime minister. Taking a cue from that practice and in view of the Lok Sabha elections, HT asks celebrities to list out their plans and priorities while imagining themselves in the shoes of an MP.

Who is your favourite politician, and why?
I am a big fan of Atal Bihari Vajpayee. “Jo desh ke liye jazba unmein tha, kissi mein nahi hai
unmatched passion (he had for an the country). Today, there are two faced, opportunist people such as Narendra Modi. Today, no one has the love for the nation which Atal ji had.

Which politician do you think is most well-dressed?
Modi has a good dressing sense. I like his bandh-gala coats. On the other hand, Anna Hazare isn’t a politician, but I like his simpl way of dressing.

What would you wear as an MP?
Dressing sense shouldn’t affect the work and thinking of an MP. Indian ‘soch’ (thought) would be more important than Indian attire for me. Clothes won’t be my priority. I would wear anything simple and elegant.

What would be your work timings as an MP?
The day everyone learns to say, “It’s my nation” and stops saying “Main kyu karun?” the nation will grow in the real sense. And if I want that, then I should just be focused on my work, not on time.

Would you want personal security?
Yes, I would keep adequate security. I would neither spend crores on security nor move without any. I would strike the right balance.

What would be your USP as an MP?
As an MP, if I could live by eating two rotis, then why would I be hungry for 50? Why cheat the people of the country for filling my coffers for the coming generation? My next generation can work hard and earn for themselves. I would eat with honesty.

Which Bollywood actor would you rope in to campaign for you?
I do not understand the whole idea of celebrities getting involved in politics. Jaaved Jaffrey has been chosen as the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) candidate from Lucknow. What does he know about the city and its people? Why spend crores on campaigning? Why not give this money to the riot affected and other needy people?

Which car would you like to travel in as an MP?
I would travel in a good, comfortable car. If I would be comfortable, I would be able to give the country ‘aaraam’ (comfort).

What will be your pitch to connect with the youth?
I would never keep a rigid approach and have modern views. The youth should have the freedom to love, irrespective of caste, religion etc. But modernism doesn’t mean vulgarity. Intelligence and beauty should be visible through our clothes. The youth should be modern by keeping their values alive.

How would you inspire the youth to go out and vote?
“Vote nahi dena achhi soch nahi hai (Not voting is the wrong approach).” I do not escape situations and I fight back by voting for the right candidate. If we do not vote, then we do not have right to complain. What will your slogan be?
‘ Karam hee pooja hai’ (work is worship).

What would be your symbol?
Charkha (the spinning wheel).

Four issues you would like to raise in Parliament as an MP.
As an MP, I won’t be able to take the responsibility of the entire country, but I would ensure that the city or area I represent would have quality and compulsory education.

I would take out the entire voter list and find out who all have not enrolled themselves in schools and would get their admissions done and pay for those who cannot afford.

Today, the youth lack concentration and dedication and that’s because of unchecked usage of whatsapp and other social platforms easily available on phones.

I would ban mobile phones till Class 12 as technology is distracting the youth and that isn’t a sign of modernism and growth. Roads, which are a basic amenity, would be developed and kept clean.

I would sensitise the public to keep their areas hygienic. I won’t do caste-based work. I would work for everyone and make sure that everyone is employed without any discrimination.