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Leaders corrupt, but are we honest?

punjab Updated: Sep 28, 2013 09:13 IST
Manpreet Singh

I always wonder what traits in us made the Mughals rule over us for 700 years and the British for three centuries. We celebrated our Independence Day last month but how many of us tried to find reasons for our slavery? The angst in us forces us to blame our leaders for everything wrong that is happening in the country. But are our leaders aliens?

Our leaders belong to same society we belong to. Like us, they belong to different religions and castes. The traits that have enslaved us are also reflected in our leaders. They include dishonesty, corruption and selfishness.

We claim that our leaders polarise us to win elections. But are we really united? How many of us respect other religions? How many of us think twice before cracking jokes at the expense of people belonging to other religions or communities? How many of us have shown the courage to marry a partner from a lower/different caste? Our leaders don't polarise us; they just use and throw us.

We blame our leaders for throwing money and drugs to buy votes. But they don't buy votes; our greed sells us and our votes. Our sole criterion to elect someone from our constituency is whether we know him/her or not so that our known elected candidate can get some of our illegal works done tomorrow.

We say our leaders are corrupt but are we honest? How many of us have bribed the traffic policeman to avoid a challan? How many of us have bribed a ticket-checker to get our seat reserved? How many of us have bribed the clerk to get our illegal construction converted to legal? How many of us have bribed the other party to get contracts? How many of us have made a fake BPL card? How many women have lodged fake dowry cases against their husbands?

Our leaders were corrupt common men like us a long time ago. Then they got power and the result is in front of us. Would you work honestly, if you get a chance to run the country; I guess no?
My motive is not to defend our corrupt leaders. It is to make readers realise that our leaders are not the only culprits, all of us are. Our moral and ethical values have fallen to the lowest level and we are represented by leaders who we are not able to tolerate anymore. The nexus of corrupt people doesn't let honest people come forward anywhere.

I heard somewhere, "Mera Bharat desh mahaan, 100 mein se 99 beyimaan." In a country like ours having a majority of corrupt people, an honest person can never be a leader in a democratic way. An honest leader would try to control the rising prices of daily needs and property; an honest leader would try to bridge the gap between the rich and the poor; an honest leader would try to end corruption in law-enforcing agencies and government offices; an honest leader would try to bring transparency in the whole system; an honest leader would try to stop tainted people from getting into politics; and an honest leader would try to spread equality. In a way, he will not co-operate with us and won't be able to complete even five months in office forget five years.

I wish some day an honest autocrat rules my country and puts an end to all this corruption? But where is that honest man? Are you who I am looking for?