Lost as 12-year-old, he's back as father of two sons

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  • Updated: Jul 15, 2015 00:33 IST
Lost as a child, 28-year-old Jahid Pasha will return to meet his parents in Mewat after 15 long years. HT Photo

Lost as a child, Jahid Pasha will return to meet his parents in Mewat as the father of two children. Pasha, now 28, had gone missing from Delhi and will now be reunited with his family after 15 long years.

Though Pasha, who now lives in Tumkur town in Karnataka with his wife and two sons, did not speak much about how he reached the southern state from Delhi, his uncle Kasim Khan told Hindustan Times that his nephew went missing from Delhi when he was 12 after police made him a key witness in a murder case.

When asked, Pasha declined comment on the murder. "I don't have anything to say about the murder as I don't remember anything now. I don't even know in which class I was studying at that time," he said.

However, he said, his friend Javed had helped him reach Karnataka but left him at the railway station. He spent a few days in a mosque and worked in tea shops but could not study. A local cable operator offered him a job and today he owns a cable network in Tumkur. He married a local girl.

Asked how he was reunited with his family, he said, "I was aware about my father's name and our town Punaha near Mewat. I could not remember the name of my native village. I searched for contact numbers from Haryana on the internet and managed to talk to Sunil Jaglan, the sarpanch of Jind's Bibipur village."

"Jaglan helped me trace my family with the help of the sarpanch of Razzaq village," he said adding, "I talked to Ammi (mother) after 15 years. I cannot express the feeling in words."

"I have booked rail tickets for home on July 25 and will be with my mother, father and two brothers," he added.

When contacted, Jaglan said that he had received a phone call from Pasha, who told him that he was in Karnataka and his family lived near Punaha in Mewat. "I contacted the local police and managed to get the number of his father, Akbar, who confirmed that his son had gone missing about 15 years ago."

"With the help of the police, I provided them Pasha's contact number and they talked with him over the phone," he added.
However, Pasha does not want to live in Mewat now as he said that he is settled in Karnataka. "I have my own business here and cannot shift to Mewat but I will try to bring my parents with me as I want to be with them now."

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