High humidity triggers spurt in viral fever cases

  • Sukhpreet Singh, Hindustan Times, Ludhiana
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  • Updated: Aug 22, 2014 12:52 IST

The city has witnessed a gradual rise in fever cases with nearly 20 such cases being reported every day.

The viral fever, it seems, has quite literally caught in its grip and doctors say the weather and high level humidity are to be blamed for the rise.

Dr Avinash Jindal, medicine specialist at Lord Mahavira Civil Hospital, said: “Nearly 150 cases of viral fever have been reported in the past one week. People are affected commonly due to rainy season as virus spread more due to high humidity level these days.”

Meanwhile, Dr Navjot Singh, unit head of medicine department, said: “Nearly 20 cases of viral fever are reported on a daily basis. Even change in environment can lead to viral infections.”

According to Dr Gauhar Vatsyayan, ayurvedic consultant, at ayurvedic department of Deep Hospital, people should change their lifestyle according to the season as in this season the immunity of a person gets low and metabolism rate gets quite high which leads to several infections.

He said: “Giloy, a proved herb, is generally recommended by scientists for anti-dengue, fever and for strong immunity. Herbs such as pit papra, suganda bala and khus decrease the heat in body and make body temperature cool.”

Dr Gauhar added: “Neem, chiraita, patol and sudarshan are some anti-viral herbs which should be taken to control fever.”


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