Mansa deputy commissioner Thind fumes over X-ray that wasn’t

  • Mohammad Ghazali, Hindustan Times, Mansa
  • Updated: Dec 25, 2014 14:03 IST

A fake ‘all is well’ assurance has not gone down well with the Mansa deputy commissioner (DC). In a major embarrassment for the district health department, a team of the Civil Hospital here assured the DC, Pravin Kumar Thind, that he had no fracture — on the basis of an X-ray that wasn’t even taken.

On December 21, while Thind was on his way back from Chandigarh, his vehicle hit a buffalo on the road. He received minor injuries and went to the hospital. The DC apparently underwent an X-ray to check for any fracture in his leg. Later, the doctors on duty told him that everything was okay.

However, it was later found that the hospital’s X-ray machine was not working when the DC underwent the ‘test’.

When contacted, Thind confirmed the goof-up. “I was assured by the doctors that everything was fine and the X-ray report would be delivered soon. But now, the chief medical officer tells me that there was some operational glitch due to which the machine did not work at that time. I’m shocked. This is a serious lapse on the part of the hospital administration. I cannot even imagine what ordinary patients must be undergoing in the hospital,” he said.

Chief medical officer (CMO) Vinod K Beri said he was out of town on December 21 and was not aware of the details of the ‘test’ conducted. However, he assured that action would be taken against those who misled the DC. Senior medical officer (SMO) Dr Nishan Singh, who was present in the hospital that day, said: “It was a technical glitch. It would be wrong to say that the DC was deliberately misinformed.”

Later, a meeting between the DC and the CMO was called and the issue was discussed in the presence of Dr Manav Jindal, the orthopaedician who claimed to have supervised the X-ray test. “We never said that any X-ray was carried out. Only first aid was given to the patient, ” Dr Jindal said.

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