Microchip by microchip, Punjab plans to fight cattle menace

  • Shailee Dogra, Hindustan Times, SAS Nagar
  • Updated: Feb 03, 2016 16:23 IST
The chips, it is believed, would help reduce the threat to human lives on roads by tracking the cattle movement and determining ownership. (HT file photo )

In what could prove to be a mammoth task, the state of Punjab aims to insert tracking microchips in stray cattle. This, it is believed, would help reduce the threat to human lives by tracking their movement and determining ownership as stray cattle often cause road accidents.

The computer-programmed chip, the size of a large grain of rice, would be implanted with help of a capsule made of a non-toxic inert metal. Whenever a portable scanner or an electronic wand or a handheld reader would be passed near the cattle’s stomach, it would pick up the signal from the chip and display all the details, informed Kimti Lal Bhagat, chairman, Punjab Gau Sewa Commission.

As per an estimate there are 1.6 lakh such cattle in Punjab that have been abandoned by their owners and are roaming on the roads posing threat to the life and safety of the residents, he added. In the last two years, 242 lives have been lost in all road accidents in the state.

The move would, as per the plan, help fight the cattle menace that aggravates when owners leave the cattle to roam free for grazing.

“The chip would help in tracing the owners who have abandoned the animals, and suitable action can be taken against them then,” said Bhagat.

A couple of days ago, Bhagat had said that there would be no stray cows roaming on Punjab roads after July . “After the completion of work for cow ranches at the district level, there will be no unassisted cows roaming on roads after July, which will help reduce road accidents.”

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