New sewerage system in Kotkapura fails to serve its purpose even after three years

  • Raghbir Singh Brar, Hindustan Times, Faridkot
  • Updated: Oct 26, 2014 20:08 IST

Even after three-and-a-half years of the foundation stone being laid for the upgradation of the sewerage system and road network at the industrial focal point in Kotkapura, the sewerage system is yet to start functioning properly.

Though the new roads were built and pipes were laid afterwards, the sewerage system is yet to get a connection with the main sewerage of the town to flush out the water.

Earlier, the work was allegedly lying incomplete due to lack of approval from the railway department as the pipes had to run from under the railway tracks on Jalaleana road.

"Actually, the government has spent a lot of money to lay new roads and sewerage at the industrial focal point. We wanted the sewerage system to be made functional before the new roads are built so that the roads are not damaged. But now, it is yet to be linked to the main sewerage of the town and is lying useless. Rather, the waste water is spilling on to the roads at many places, badly damaging them", said an industrialist wishing not to be named.

"There are about 100 small and medium industries here in the industrial focal point in Kotkapura, an industrial hub in the district. But, there is no facility for draining out the waste water from the area. We have learnt that now the railway's approval has come, but there is still some hurdle," he said.
Kishan, a worker in the industrial area said, "What is the use of laying a new system till it starts working properly? The sewerage and waste water of the industries is spilling onto the roads at many places, flooding them and rendering them useless."

Though the new roads have relieved the industrialists, the lack of sewerage system is a problem for them. To add to the issue, the sewerage system in the industrial focal point may not function to its full capacity even if it is linked to the main system of the town as the town itself is struggling with a choked sewerage system for many years.

The sewerage system on the west side of the railway tracks, which divides the town in two parts, remains blocked most of the time and it may not relieve the focal point unless the town's ancient system gets upgraded or is laid again.

Mohammad Tayyab, deputy commissioner of Faridkot, said he would take up the matter with the department of industries. "If there is some departmental problem, I shall have it sorted out. I shall take up the issue with the officials concerned of the department," he said.

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