Now, declare actual electricity load by July 31 to avoid fine

  • Vandana Singh, Hindustan Times, Ludhiana
  • Updated: Jul 24, 2014 15:01 IST

The domestic, agriculture and industrial consumers of electricity can disclose the actual load of consumption by July 31 under the Voluntary Disclosure Scheme (VDS) of the Punjab State Power Corporation Limited (PSPCL).

The date has been extended considering response of the consumers.

This scheme was launched on March 1 for all categories of consumers to enable them get their electrical load extended on the basis of actual connected load by May 31.

Rashpal Singh, chief engineer, central zone, PSPCL, Ludhiana, said, “All consumers, including domestic supply (DS), non-residential supply (NRS/ commercial), small power (SP), medium supply (MS) and agricultural power (AP) could take benefit of this extended date to disclose their actual load, as not disclosing the actual load and consuming more electricity can invite penalty.”

Singh said many consumers had taken advantage of the scheme and gave applications to increase the load.

As many as 11,800 consumers have submitted applications under VDS till June, as per PSPCL records.

Among these, 2,058 domestic supply consumers applied to increase 7,058 kW load, 777 commercial consumers applied for 4,557 kW load, 1,067 small supply consumers for 7,092 kW load, 682 medium supply consumers for 13,662 kW load and 5,633 agricultural power consumers for increase of 23,790 kW load.

Besides many consumers were also fined for overloading in between April and June during inspection.
A total of 4,591 agricultural power consumers were found guilty of overloading and fined to the tune of Rs 4.28 crore. On the other hand, 492 domestic and commercial consumers were found guilty of overloading and fined Rs 57.33 lakh, he added.

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