Obscene songs in public, private buses irk passengers

  • Rameshinder Singh Sandhu, Hindustan Times, Ludhiana
  • Updated: Aug 10, 2015 12:37 IST

There seems to be no check on a multitude of private and public buses in the state that play Punjabi songs that openly promote drugs, weapons and obscenity. While some buses only play the audio, majority of them thrust the equally bizarre videos in the passengers’’ faces.

The passengers include several young women, elderly citizens, families and of course many children who get exposed to the songs. It is a matter of concern that such blaring music which one commonly hears promotes imitation of indecent language, leaving a bad influence on young minds.

Women opposed the scenario on a much stronger note and prodded the state government to stop this culture. “At times, lyrics and vides are so vulgar and against the culture of the society that if we are traveling with our children they go on asking several strange questions pertaining to the words they hear in the songs. It becomes arduous to explain them but if all travelers raise their voice collectively, bus owners may get discouraged from playing whatever they feel like”, shared Kiranpreet Kaur, a housewife

Manjot Kaur Gill, a young student lamented that it was hard for her to forget the day that dates 6 months back when one of the bus driver’s constantly looked at her and played music with objectionable content.

“I feel these bus drivers play all kinds of music without giving much thought to what effect it would leave on the children and families. Besides drugs and weapons, many songs that leave women red-faced with humiliation and embarrassment are also played. Some videos are so vulgar that you feel like getting out of the bus. I must say that these buses not only carry passengers but also obscenity and vulgarity on board”, bewailed Gill.

When HT contacted the concerned officials and ministers to comment on the issue, they appeared blissfully oblivious to the entire scenario.

Minister of transport Ajit Singh Kohar was contacted to mention his observations on the issue, he stated, “It is really painful to know about the issue but to find a solution, I will personally meet the several bus owners to make them put a full stop to this nonsense. In case my warnings are ignored, I will involve the police to slap cases against them.”

Minister of cultural affairs Sohan Singh Thandal, observed, “Shame of these singers and lyrists who come up with such songs and I am shocked to know that promotion of these songs is also very active in buses including those of government. These songs are recorded and released abroad, from where they catch up with the Indian people and after their release it becomes difficult to stop these songs.

Most Punjabi music channels including PTC channels show these songs but I will initiate an action soon”, said Thandal. He assured, he would soon formulate the censor board for Punjab to curb the steady rise of such humiliating lyrics.

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