Pbi varsity to publish Sufi encyclopaedia

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  • Updated: Dec 09, 2014 19:53 IST

After developing online encyclopaedia 'punjabipedia', the Punjabi university has now planned to publish encyclopaedia of Sufism in order to prepare well-managed database of words used in Sufi literature.

University vice-chancellor Jaspal Singh announced the project during the 4th international conference on relation between Sufism and Sikhism on Tuesday. The encyclopaedia will also carry details about sufi saints, their journeys, writings and the words used by them in their poetry.

Director of Baba Farid Centre for Sufi Studies at the university Dr Nasir Naqvi said they were done with the blueprint of the encyclopaedia and were going to hold a meeting of experts on Wednesday.

"With experts from different corners of the world participating in the conference, the university has decided to hold a meeting to materialise the project in near future," Naqvi added.

He added that the first volume of the encyclopaedia would carry 700-1,000 words related to Sufism and detailed meaning, terminology and their use in different contexts in the form of poetry, common life and daily routines.

Meanwhile, Jaspal Singh said the encyclopaedia would cover all the aspects and dimensions of Sufism extensively, its links with Sikhism and other religious streams, describing their different annotations, connotations and, musical and spiritual aspects.

"The most classic and unique example of spiritual connection between Sufism and Sikhism was establishing of dialogue by the four Sikh gurus - Guru Nanak Dev, Guru Amardas, Guru Ramdas and Guru Arjun Dev - with the text of salokas of Sheikh Farid, collected by Guru Nanak Dev during his visit to Pak Pattan from Sheikh Ibrahim, the 12th descendent of Baba Farid, included in Guru Granth Sahib," Singh added.

Addressing the gathering, Deputy High Commissioner of Afghanistan Ashraf Haidiri said, "The jehadis are committing indescribable and indiscriminate crime by killing innocents by misquoting tenets and teachings of Islam. They, as enemies of peace, will never succeed in their mission, as Allah will never forgive them."

Afghanistan to carry out research on Guru Nanak's travels

While applauding Punjabi University's role in establishing the Sufi Centre, Deputy High Commissioner of Afghanistan Ashraf Haidiri said, "Both Sikhism and Sufism support the cause of mutual love, brotherhood, peace and religious harmony."

"I have suggested mutual exchange programmes with Punjabi university to revisit connection of Sikh gurus with Afghanistan. We are willing to carry out research on the travels and visits of Guru Nanak Dev in association with Punjabi university and will take up the matter with the Afghanistan government," Haidiri said.

Registrar of the university Davinder Singh said, "Mutual exchange programmes will generate more information regarding travels of Guru Nanak Dev to Afghanistan, as very less information is available about the same"

"The talks are at preliminary state. We have conveyed our willingness to have collaborative research on a series of episodes related to Sikhs in Afghanistan," he said.

Famous Punjabi poet and Padma Shri Surjit Pattar said the landscape of both Sufism and Sikhism was very vast which encompasses every humanistic value aimed at vehemently promoting and reinforcing spiritual values of humanism, cooperation and co-existence.

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