Potholed roads, garbage heaps lying for days irk Shastri Nagar residents

  • Jagmanjot Singh, Hindustan Times, Ludhiana
  • Updated: Jul 04, 2015 19:41 IST

Residents of Shastri Nagar expressed their annoyance against the municipal corporation (MC) for turning a blind eye to their demands and for ignoring the locality since long. Damaged roads, garbage heaps along roadside, non-functional streetlights, traffic snarls and lack of sanitation facilities are some of the problems, which have led to displeasure among residents.

Following the claims of area residents about the dilapidated condition of roads, which have not been re-carpeted for the past several years, the HT team did a reality check.

The potholed roads give bumpy rides to the commuters, often resulting to mishaps. Especially, during the rains, these potholes get filled with water, making it difficult for two-wheelers to ride their vehicles. Many a times they fail to spot the potholes due to the water stagnating on the road, and end up ramming their vehicles in them thereby getting injured.

According to the residents, several speed breakers have been constructed at short distances in the area. "The people have constructed speed breakers in front of their houses without any official permission. There is no need to construct speed breakers at short distances as these cause damage to the vehicles," an area resident said.

Traffic jam is another major problem in this area. Traffic snarls are a common sight on the roads in this area, especially during morning and evening hours. As this is a residential area, heavy vehicular traffic is risky for children playing on the streets. "There should be a strict provision to keep regular check on the traffic," an area resident said.

Besides, heaps of garbage could be seen along roadsides. During rainy days, the garbage mixes with water emitting foul smell. Residents claimed that safai karmcharis of the MC do not come on regular-basis for cleaning the roads.

In absence of garbage-lifting provision, area residents are forced to throw garbage on roadsides or in vacant plots. This garbage is burned after every few days, which causes air pollution.

Moreover, non-functional streetlights add to their woes, which often become dysfunctional during the adverse climatic conditions; as a result the commuters find it difficult to travel at night.

Some people also raised the issue of water wastage by most of the people who wash their cars. Moreover, this leads to water- stagnation on roads. The residents demanded that the MC needs to issue notice to the officials concerned so as to improve the living conditions in the specific area.

Residents Speak

We have been complaining about potholed roads since long. But, no action has been taken by the civic bodies till now. We strongly condemn this ruthless behaviour of the authorities concerned. Moreover, the sanitary condition in some streets of the area is very bad.

Kawaljit Singh Bedi

Damaged roads and traffic snarls are a common sight in the area. People often take other routes to reach their respective destinations. Even some streetlights are non-functional, which is a reason behind increasing accidents.

Manoj Kumar

Official Speak

MC will direct the police to keep keen eye on the traffic snarls so that residents will not suffer. Other problems of the area will be resolved at the earliest and we will include them in our priority list.

PS Ghuman, zonal commissioner, MC

Councillor Speak

The MC had closed down several crossings in Model Town because of which whole traffic has been diverted towards the Shastri Nagar area. I highlighted the problems with the higher authorities and the problem will be dealt with very soon.

Manvinder Pal Singh Makkar, councillor, ward number 48

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