Public health at stake, no water chlorination dozer installed at tube wells

  • Jatinder Mahal, Hindustan Times, Jalandhar
  • Updated: Jul 13, 2015 22:35 IST

Learning no lessons from the past incidents, the Municipal Corporation Jalandhar (MCJ) have failed to install chlorination dozers at tube wells, despite it was mandatory as per the state government's guidelines to provide purity water supply among residents.

Although the MCJ has set up 480 tube wells across the city to supply adequate drinking water among city residents. But none of these tube wells have a working chlorination dozer even after increasing complaint of residents about dirty water supply for the past few years.

As per the guidelines of Punjab Municipal Infrastructure Development Company, it is necessary for all the MCs to install chlorinators or bleaching dozers on the tube wells, to purify the water and provide potable water.

Sources said these guidelines were issued by the government few years back to all the local bodies after increasing complaints of dirty water and water-borne diseases among residents.

Despite having a history of water-borne diseases break out in the past years, especially during the monsoon season, the MCJ has failed to learn any lesson. Due to which water-borne diseases will continue to break out every rainy season.

As per the information gathered, 294 water samples were collected by the health department and 111 samples were collected by the MCJ in the past six months out of which 88 samples of the health department and 26 samples of the corporation were found unsafe for drinking in the city.

Moreover, 38 samples out of 130 samples collected from January to date fail the purity test in the laboratory.

"In the absence of chlorination dozers at the tube wells, the MCJ is using ad-hoc measures to purify the water which would lead to outbreak of water-borne diseases. Even the civic body has not any specific equipment to check the quality of water being supplied to residents." a senior health official of corporation said.

Sources said even the government had issued directions in this regard, but it did not provide adequate funds to install the dozers on every tube well, as it has been found that contaminated water is the major cause of water-borne diseases.

Lakhwinder Singh, superintending engineer of operation and maintenance (O and M) cell, said, "The matter is under consideration, but we are helpless to install chlorination dozers at the tube wells due to insufficient budge."

"A dozer costs more than Rs 50,000 and we have to spend in crores to install chlorinators at 480 tube wells in the city," Singh added.

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