Punjab health minister Surjit Kumar Jyani says booze ‘not intoxicant’

  • ANI, Gidderbaha
  • Updated: Dec 22, 2015 18:02 IST
Punjab health minister Surjit Kumar Jyani.

You may find it bizarre but ‘sharab’ (booze) is not an intoxicant, according to Punjab Health Minister Surjit Kumar Jyani.

“I don’t think ‘sharab’ (booze) is an intoxicant. You cannot call alcohol an intoxicant as factories have tender and permission. It is (consumed) there in the Army, parties,” Jyani told the media yesterday.

“The government gives licences for manufacturing liquor, we auction liquor vends. As long as it is done, sharab cannot be called ‘nasha’ (intoxicant),” he added.

Watch | Punjab’s Health Minister says ‘Alcohol not an intoxicant’

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