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Should the last Sikh maharajah be returned to India?

A Sikh charity is planning to exhume the body of a prince, the last ruler of a Sikh empire, from his grave in the English countryside and send it back to Punjab.

UK Sikh gets 18,000 pounds in racial abuse lawsuit

A British Sikh has been awarded over 18,000 pounds in compensation by a Scottish tribunal for being degraded and racially abused by his boss and colleagues at work.

British photographers' celebrates identity of Sikh men

To celebrate the identity of the modern Sikh men, two British photographers are putting up an exhibition to showcase the diversity in styles of how the Sikh beard and turban are worn in modern Britain.

British girl gets jail for attacking elderly Sikh man

The British teenaged girl who attacked an 80-year-old Sikh pensioner in a city centre in Britain's Coventry last year has been jailed for two years by the Warwick crown court.

From football to guns, Parminder Nagra likes to play strong roles

Indian origin British actress Parminder Nagra, fondly remembered as a football player infatuated with the sport in "Bend It Like Beckham", is now seen shooting guns in her TV show "The Blacklist". And she loves it.

UK: Row erupts as pupils are sent to Sikh school

Parents living in rural South Buckinghamshire have been angered after children were allocated places at a Sikh school that operates a strict 'no meat' policy and starts the day with prayers.

UK Sikh loses 'tragic' case against millionaire sons

In a case described as 'tragic' and involving Sikh family traditions, the high court here has dismissed the claim of a 87-year-old Indian-origin businessman against his two sons for a one-third share in property that includes a string of hotels in London. Prasun Sonwalkar reports

Derby: 15,000 Sikhs ready to join in Vaisakhi parade

Around 15,000 Sikhs will take to the streets of Derby this Sunday to celebrate one of the biggest events in their religious calendar. The annual Vaisakhi parade will see participation from all four gurdwaras.

UK exempts Sikhs from wearing hard hats

Sikhs in the UK will be exempted from wearing hard hats at construction sites, British Prime Minister David Cameron has announced. "From now on Sikhs don't have to wear hard hats at construction sites in our country," Cameron said last night at a Vaisakhi reception he hosted at 10, Downing Street.

British Sikhs fined after attack on fellow Sikh

A British court has ordered three Sikh men to pay 500 pounds each ($832) to a fellow Sikh for a vicious attack near a Sikh temple in the British West Midlands county of Warwickshire, media reported Tuesday.

Punjabi man kills friend for insurance, gets lifer

An Indian-origin man in Britain has been sentenced for life for killing his friend in order to claim around Rs. 2.71 crore in life insurance that he had taken out in the defendant's name.

UK: Punjabi woman grows beard after baptism

An Indian-origin woman in the UK, who is suffering from polycystic ovary syndrome that results in excessive hair growth, has embraced her condition and growing a beard after being baptised as a Sikh.

UK to change work law on turbans

Britain is close to changing employment laws to remove an anomaly that meant Sikhs were exempt from wearing head protection in a high hazard industry such as construction, but were required to do so in lower hazard workplaces.

Sikh charity in UK diverts Third World countries aid to help Britain flood victims

An Indian charity which helps Third World countries to cope with the natural disasters has diverted aid to help families in flood-hit Britain.

'Attacked Namdhari leader to avenge sexual abuse'

The axe attack on Namdhari sect spiritual leader Satguru Uday Singh at a gurdwara last year during his visit to Britain was in revenge for alleged sexual abuse, a court has heard.
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