Qatar Embassy officials take ‘wrong’ body of deceased Jalandhar resident back

  • HT Correspondent, Hindustan Times, Jalandhar
  • Updated: Sep 19, 2014 18:14 IST

After admitting they had sent the wrong body of deceased Harjeet Singh to Mohalla Sangran in Adampur, officials of the Qatar embassy situated in Delhi visited Jalandhar on Thursday to take the body back.

A team of embassy officials first met the local administration and later talked to the local police over the issue. The body was taken back after completing the formalities.

The embassy officials also met Jalandhar deputy commissioner Kamal Kishore Yadav over permissions to take the body which had been kept at the civil hospital. Family members of Harjeet, who died in Doha on September 5, were about to cremate his body on Wednesday when they realised the body belonged to someone else.

Father of the deceased, Jagpal Singh, said the Indian Embassy at Doha had informed the family that they would be sending Harjeet’s body on Friday and it would land in India at the Amritsar airport early Saturday morning.

The embassy officials said they had identified the correct body on the basis of identification marks on Harjeet’s body, including his pierced ears, tattoos and scars of stitches on his leg.

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