PTU: BoG finds all allegations levelled by ex-VC as baseless

  • Ravinder Vasudeva, Hindustan Times, Jalandhar
  • Updated: Dec 12, 2015 21:52 IST
The board of governors (BoG) of IKG Punjab Technical University has rejected all allegations levelled by the then vice-chancellor (VC) Rajnish Arora against the former dean. ((PTU Facebook page))

The board of governors (BoG) of IKG Punjab Technical University (IKG-PTU), which had on Friday revoked the suspension of former dean NP Singh, more than two years after he was dismissed on charges of corruption, has rejected all allegations levelled by the then vice-chancellor (VC) Rajnish Arora against the former dean.

As per the BoG proceedings accessed by Hindustan Times, the board-led by chief secretary Sarvesh Kaushal, while listening to the review plea of Singh, has found that the dean was suspended and later dismissed in 2013 on orders of Arora “arbitrarily,” which the VC cannot do as per the varsity act without taking the BoG into confidence.

Though Arora in his media interactions has repeatedly claimed that Singh was suspended and dismissed after discussing the matter in the BoG, during his plea to reinstate him, Singh has managed to convince the chief secretary-led BoG that during suspension in May 2012, even the then BoG chairman and chief secretary Rakesh Singh was not informed.

The former dean has produced the documents before the BoG that rubbished Arora’s claims that the then BoG chairman was aware about the matter during suspension.

As per a letter dated May 22, 2012, when Arora had written a letter to the then chief secretary informing that Singh was suspended following his telephonic talk with him (chief secretary), however, the chief secretary sent back the letter with handwritten note, saying, “I was given no such information on phone.”

Arora dismissed me because of professional jealousy: Singh

“This letter exposed all bad intentions of Arora, who had expelled me because of his professional rivalry with me and without having any proof of charges against me. Ultimately, truth has prevailed,” said the dean while showing all documents in his support.

As per Singh, the then VC had professional jealousy with him.

“During Arora’s appointment as VC in 2008, I was also in race for the same post, with having better educational qualifications. Arora was not qualified for the post, but because of his political affiliations, he got the post. I always challenged Arora, when he asked me for any wrongdoing and ultimately, he dismissed me,” said Singh.

Singh not given time for pleading: BoG

While studying Singh’s plea to reinstate him, the BoG has found that the suspended dean was not given enough time to represent his case before he was dismissed from the service in July 2013 on charges of favouring an advertisement firm and approving a non-existent university centre in Nepal.

When the case of suspension was moved to BoG on June 29, 2012, the four-member committee led by principal secretary technical education was formed to monitor probe proceedings, but Singh was dismissed by Arora without taking this committee into confidence.

While dismissing the charges of favouring the advertising firm levelled against Singh, the BoG has concluded that while taking the decision that led to his suspension, the dean was official part of the committee formed by the VC in which the other two members were finance officer SK Mishra and dean academics SS Walia.

“How can a single member influence the collective decision of a committee, in which other two officials are also part of the committee. Moreover, no monetary benefit was given to any company with any decision taken by this committee,” said a BoG member.

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