Residents say policy needs to be formed to control price rise

  • Arjun Sharma, Hindustan Times, Ludhiana
  • Updated: Jul 06, 2014 14:16 IST

Concluding the fivepart series on the expectations of various sections of city from the union budget, the last part is highlighting the concerns of city residents, who are overburdened due to the recent price rise.

However, the series focused on different industries and highlighted the demands of the industry leaders; the common people that are affected from every small and big decision of the government policies, hold the key in the series.

The major demand of people is to stop price rise every month that has literally driven the middle class to despair. Basic issues related to the common man, include rise in vegetable price, LPG, fuel and many others. Residents feel that there should be some policy that could control price rise.

Some residents have faith in the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) headed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and believed that he could ensure that there was no further price rise in the country.

Residents feel that there has been a significant increase in prices of almost all basic commodities. They also say that interest on loans should also be decreased.

A social worker, Radhika Jaitwani, said, “The present infrastructure needs to be improved immediately, so as to get benefits in future. Completion of the various ongoing projects while keeping a check on price rise should be the basic aim of the union budget this year. People have high expectations from the new government formed at the Centre that should strive hard for betterment of the countrymen.”

But most of the residents are disturbed with regular price rise of different commodities. They say that increase in price of diesel by 50 paisa per month should be stopped, as it has put immense pressure on those having a diesel vehicle.

A resident, Balwinder Kumar, said, “The union government has failed so far to check price rise. Price of fuel in different countries is very less as compared to India. There is a huge difference in the prices of fuel that should be checked.”

Kumar said, “Loans for different things like home loan and higher studies should be decreased and made popular so that everyone gets these basic facilities easily.”

Another resident, Gopal Kumar said, “Residents want that a policy on prices of vegetables and other essential items should be made by the union government so that common people do not suffer. As part of this policy, the prices should be controlled strictly by the government.”

A businessman, Inder Kapur, said Modi government would take efficient measures to ensure no price rise.

“During the past years, there has been an unprecedented rise in prices of all basic commodities. However, it seems that union finance minister Arun Jaitely could bring down this price rise and relieve the residents.”

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