Stock therapy ties doctors' hands

  • Vinay Dhingra, Hindustan Times, Pathankot
  • Updated: May 24, 2014 23:26 IST

The recent "directive" to the medical officers and specialists at the civil hospitals to use only the medicines from the stock or the government-run chemist shops such as Jan Aushadi is taking toll on the patients who need different combinations.

Orders from the health ministry that warn doctors of strict action in case they prescribe outside medicines have led them to make do with only what's available, even if it is of little benefit. The state government has made heavy purchases to distribute medicines free of cost but still many combinations are not in stock. The subsititutes only prolong the stay in hospital, adding to the pain.

Asked about this, Dr GS Sodhi, civil surgeon of Pathankot, said: "We are trying to make maximum drugs available. Doctors are advised to use only the medicines that are available in our stores."

Because the bacteria have developed resistance to traditional antibiotics, many patients require high-end alternatives. When the patients don't respond to the traditional treatment, they move to private hospitals, which brings a bad name to not only the civil hospitals but also the treating physicians and surgeons.

On his last visit to the Pathankot Civil Hospital, health minister Surjit Kumar Jiyani was questioned over this issue. He claimed his endeavor was to make most of the combinations available but experts who don't want to be named say that in medical science, new medicines are being developed every day for the smarter bacteria.

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