Sultanpur Lodhi institute develops machine for recycling solid waste

  • Harinder Singh Khaira, Hindustan Times
  • Updated: Feb 15, 2016 19:31 IST
The machine developed by students of Sant Avtar Singh Memorial Technical Research Centre at Seechewal village near Sultanpur Lodhi on Sunday. (HT Photo)

Students of Sant Avtar Singh Memorial Technical Research Centre at Sultanpur Lodhi here have developed a machine to sort out the problem of solid waste in the country. The machine separates the various components in solid waste and is currently under trial at Seechewal village of the district.

Environmentalist Balbir Singh Seechewal, who is also the chairman of the institute, said the students and staff members had developed the machine which could save time, money and help in conservation of environment by separating the biodegradable and non-biodegradable components in garbage for appropriate usage or recycling.

He added that the machine was running successfully at the trial stage and useful components of garbage collected in the village were being separated and used appropriately.

“If the trial becomes successful at a bigger level as it is happening at village-level, then the machine would be instrumental in sorting out the problem of solid waste with nominal expenditure,” he said.

A student, while explaining about the working of the machine, said the structure and design of the machine were very simple and it was very cost-effective.

He said the machine worked on an electric motor, which gave it mechanical power and garbage was put into the machine with the help of a special duct. He said garbage passed through several filters for separation of components like soil and plastic.

He added that useful matter from the garbage could be used as a fertiliser and plastic material could be recycled.

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