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The 'middle' path

punjab Updated: Jul 17, 2013 09:33 IST
Parambir Kaur

A voracious reader and a diehard fan of 'middles' can often wonder about the origin of these incredulous pieces; and just how they must have come into being. Probably an ingenious editor came up with an idea of giving his newspaper a distinct identity by publishing a light-hearted piece in the middle of the editorial page; plain news can be read in any newspaper after all. These remarkable articles have varied themes such as the writer's personal experience, memories of times gone by, something concerning one's job, simply a satire on a prevailing situation, foreboding of things to come or might even be an obituary!

Normally, these uncanny features possess a merry, gentle or somber visage. But it's only a facade, proof of the fact that things may stand for 'somewhat else'. When a keen reader has gone through it, he/she is invariably left with either something to ponder over or with a smile on the face. The exercise can even bring a spring in the reader's step, thereby making his/her day! Quite often one might chance upon solutions to problems, hitherto posing as inexplicable mysteries. It gives wings to one's imagination, rejuvenating the mind in the process, besides giving the reader a broader outlook.

The denouements of 'middles' are quite discernible. They add an unconventional dimension to the outlook of the newspaper, their writer and the reader. A newspaper with an interesting feature on a daily basis earns the merit of being a better one than its counterparts, as it provides the reader with something for relaxation of the mind, forgetting mundane matters for a while. Its value is manifold in today's mercenary and mechanical world. The 'middle' is in fact, like an oasis, a refreshing change from the surrounding weighty and crucial issues.

The writer of such pieces is also seen in a new light altogether; suddenly one acquires a mysterious aura. It boosts the morale, besides having a cathartic effect on the mind. Makes one get rid of many complexes, providing immense satisfaction at the same time; sort of brings a glow on one's personality.

And the 'middle' has a knack of discretely suggesting its reader to become a writer. A freak can actually be seen acting upon this advice, turn into a 'middle writer' to join the once coveted bandwagon! Thus, one starts thriving on airing one's own musings and an altogether new aspect of the scribe's personality comes to the fore through these compositions. Giving a new meaning to one's life, it sometimes proves to be a revelation for the author himself; akin to getting acquainted with one's own self.

Now, it's not that one can manipulate these pieces just as one pleases; they are, in fact very individualistic. Once the writer sets it in motion, it is the 'middle' that calls the shots and not the other way round. It guides the scribbler which course to follow, how far to go, takes turns and finally stops by choice.

And after all these deliberations, one cannot but speculate about the expectations of these incredible items called 'middles', from their followers i.e. the writers and readers. One reckons that 'middles' will not like to be left in the middle, as the 'middle' path is indeed the best one.