Unauthorised parking hassles commuters near Bhadaur House

  • Sukhpreet Singh, Hindustan Times, Ludhiana
  • Updated: Jan 15, 2015 17:57 IST

There seems to be no end in sight to traffic-related problems being faced by commuters and shopkeepers near Bhadaur House and AC Market in the city. Despite availability of a parking lot near Bhadaur House, people visiting these places often park their vehicles illegally on the roadside.

Commuters cannot cross the lane of the market as there are traffic snarls throughout the day due to vehicles parked along the roads. Shopkeepers near the market claim that their business has also been affected due to disruption of traffic on the road. Moreover, several ‘rehris’ (carts) are seen stationed on the roads, which further adds to the traffic blockage.

This problem is also witnessed in the nearby AC Market that is visited by hundreds of people on a daily basis. People park their vehicles on roads. As a result, commuters are forced to choose alternate routes to reach their destinations.

A large number of ‘rehris’ that are stationed in the area raise eyebrows as the municipal corporation (MC) has miserably failed to remove them, despite complaints and reports in the recent past. According to sources, these ‘rehris’ are operated by private mafia that charges money from the cart owners on a weekly basis.

People continue to face a lot of trouble due to congestion on the roads. On the other hand questions have also been raised on traffic police that has not been able to take action against illegal parking of the area. Traffic police has been informed by MC for removal of wrongly parked vehicles but to no avail.
The area Bhadaur House and AC market are the commercial hub of the city where several traders and people visit daily. With presence of several hotels and railway stations near the area, Bhadaur House attracts a large number of visitors even from other states and cities of Punjab.

According to reports, fleecing of visitors also takes place at the parking lot of the Bhadaur House. Being an old market, the area lies close to the congested lanes of the old city and Chaura Bazaar that is still a commercial hub of not only Ludhiana, but also of the region.

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