Within a year, 'rehris' back on Clock Tower road in Faridkot

  • Raghbir Singh Brar, Fardikot
  • Updated: Aug 22, 2014 21:31 IST

Though the district administration had, a year ago, banned vegetable and fruit 'rehris' on the Clock Tower road, known as Thandi sadak, and shifted them to the Sadak chowk road, vacating the space for parking and smooth flow of traffic, yet many 'rehris' have again come back to the old site again.

The removal of the carts from the road to spare space for parking and smooth flow of the traffic again seems to have been defeated.

The move was much appreciated by most of the locals, but things seem to back to square one.
Some 'rehris' were allowed back just before the parliamentary elections, but now their number is growing and within a few months, all the space along the road may again be occupied by them leading again to a lot of traffic problems.

A site near the Shaheed Bhagat Singh park and along the clock tower road was specified as a parking place and no vehicles were allowed to be parked on the roads, but now the vehicles can be seen parked on the prohibited places.

There is also no check now on the entry of four-wheelers to the main bazaar.

The town has only one proper parking site near Tilla Baba Farid with a capacity of only a small number of vehicles, while hundreds of vehicles have to be parked along roads.

"The vegetable and fruit carts should not be allowed on the clock tower road and that place should be spared for parking only. No vehicles should be allowed to be parked on the road except the parking spaces as specified by the district administration or the traffic police. The vehicles parked on the road before the shops cause traffic blockades. The traffic police should be strict and violators should be fined," said a shopkeeper on the clock tower road.

Mohammad Tayyab, deputy commissioner, Faridkot, said that he was aware of the problem and has asked the executive officer (EO), municipal committee, to remove the 'rehris' along the clock tower road and solve the problem of traffic in the town.

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