Toronto rappers poke fun at millenials with viral video

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  • Updated: Jul 05, 2014 18:10 IST

Toronto artists Lilly Singh and Kanwar Singh poke fun at millenials with their YouTube video #Leh.

Two Toronto-based South Asian artists have created a culturally appropriate viral rap music video calling out today's selfie-generating and social media-obsessed millenials.

Markham's Lilly Singh, ofSuperwoman YouTube fame, and Toronto rapper Kanwar Singh, who goes by Humble the Poet, use the Punjabi slang term, 'leh' - which expresses general disdain or disapproval (the equivalent of 'pfft') - to call out today's youth in their appropriately named YouTube video, #Leh.

In the video, which has garnered more than 1 million hits since it was first posted to YouTube on Tuesday, the pair mimic the extravagance of the stereotypical rap music video, as they poke fun of the ridiculous complaints of some of the unknowingly spoiled Generation Y.

"Still got tuition bills to pay? Leh. Swiping daddy's card at the club? Leh. Tweeting about life being hard? Leh. Say you hate mama cause she's dumb? Leh. Living free, eating good food, no rent," Singh quips, before the chorus of "OMG, LOL, you got us saying 'leh' - you ridiculous as hell."

"Drive around in your mama's car? Leh. Photo shoots at the gym? Leh. Flexing all your muscles when you take a pic," Kanwar chimes in.


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