Deities also not safe in Ghatsila

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  • Updated: Feb 28, 2014 15:58 IST

Temples of worship here are fast becoming a soft target of burglars who strike these unguarded places and easily get away with a rich booty without getting noticed.

Four such incidents have come to notice in the recent past but the priests believe that the temple deities will punish the thieves and force them to return the booty.
But, unfortunately, none of thefts has been solved yet.

One such theft came to light at Ronkini Temple, near the National Highway 33, in Galudhi on Wednesday night. 

The thieves stole three silver eyes from the goddess' idol, one metal statue of Lord Krishna along with gold ornaments, silver umbrella and the donation box containing cash.

Temple head priest Binay Babaji said, "I am not going to lodge any complaint with the police as I strongly believe the miscreants would be punished by Mother Ronkini."

Galudih police have, however, started the investigation after lodging the case of burglary.

Recently, Tara Temple at Dahigora in Ghatsila also witnessed a theft.

The burglars  broke the lock of the temple and took away goddess' jewelry worth lakhs along with the donation box, gold eyes and tongue of Mother Tara.

A few months ago, thieves had struck at  Baharagora Kali temple too and ran away with gold and silver ornaments of Goddess Kali.

Earlier, the Tara temple in Sarpura, Ghatsila on the bank of Subarnorekha was a regular target of the local thieves as they used to break the donation box and take away the

A police officer said, "Thieves target temples because these places remain with out any security coverage." Till date none of these cases has been solved.


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