Explosives used in Patna, Bodh Gaya blasts bought in Ranchi market by IM operatives

The National Investigation Agency (NIA) team, probing last year’s Patna and Bodh Gaya blasts, has revealed that all materials used in making the time bombs were purchased by Indian Mujahedeen (IM) operatives from different markets in the state capital.

“All the materials used in making the time controlled improvised explosive device (IED) were purchased from different markets in Ranchi,” said an NIA official, who is part of the Patna bomb blast probing team.

The NIA, so far, have questioned around six shop owners identified by the arrested IM members. The six, who have been questioned, run electronic shops in the Daily Market.

The said shop owners had sold large numbers of digital clocks and timers to the IM operatives. The IM members had also brought electronic circuits, Chinese wires, soldering machines and other electronic devices that are used to make time bombs. Another NIA official said that the IM operatives had managed to persuade a few shopkeepers to make time bomb controlling circuits by posing as students. Many shops in Daily Market make electronic circuits and other electronic projects for school and college students at minimal charges. The elbow-pipes made of metal alloy were purchased from various hardware shops and the explosive materials used by the IM bomb makers were purchased from various fertilizer sellers in Upper Bazaar. “Sellers need license to sell fertilizers but not buyers,” said Ranchi SP (city) Anup Birthray.

NIA and Jharkhand police on June 7 had arrested Firoz Aslam from Lower Bazaar and Iftekhar Alam from Sithio. Around a fortnight back a team of the investigating agency had arrested four IM operatives including second-in-command of the banned organisation, Haider Ali from Ranchi.


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