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Why Pitru Paksh is inauspicious for realty deals

real estate Updated: Sep 16, 2016 14:48 IST

The Pitru Paksh period, devoted to ancestors,which started today, marks a dull phase in terms of real estate transactions.(shutterstock)

The Pitru Paksh period, which started today, marks a dull phase in terms of real estate transactions. Instances of sale and leasing properties are minimal during this period, say property agents. The age-old belief among Hindus is that the Pitru Paksh days, devoted to ancestors, are considered inauspicious to buy new things or start a venture.

This year, the Pitru Paksh period ends on September 30. Generally, Pitru Paksh is a 16-day period that starts on the last day that is the full moon day of the Hindi calendar month of Bhadrapad. It is followed by 15 days of the Hindi calendar month of Ashwin, during which the moon wanes and ends on Amavasya (moonless night). It is during this time that people perform shradh for their ancestors. The day shradh is performed for a particular person is decided on the tithi (the Hindi period of the month) when the person passed away.

The are 16 tithis starting with full moon day to amavasya (moonless night) in the waning moon fortnight of the month. Interestingly, this year, instead of the customary 16-day period, shradh will be observed for 15 days. This is because as per the Hindi calendar calculation, the shradh for the tritiya (third day) and the chaturthi (fourth day) fall on the same day, that is September 19.

HS Sahni, a property agent based in Nizamuddin, says that during Pitru Paksh days, there is negligible work. Most Hindus do not even want to inquire about properties available or see properties in the market, let alone enter into a rental or sale agreement, he says. There are property-related queries from non-Hindu persons though, he adds.

Devender Tara of Tara Estates Pvt Ltd in Vasant Vihar, says that property transactions and registrations are rare during this period.

There are several stories relating to Pitru Paksh. It is believed that persons who perform the shradh rituals sincerely including the required puja, feeding Brahmins or poor and donations in the name of their departed ancestors, are duly blessed by the ancestors’ souls.

According to the Markandeya Purana, the departed ancestors bless those who perform shradh with good health, wealth and longevity, among other things. People prefer to wait for the auspicious Navratri period which begins when Pitru Paksh ends to make property investments or sign rental agreements.

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