Biopics should have modern day relevance: Gnana Rajasekaran

  • IANS, Chennai
  • Updated: Jul 08, 2014 16:47 IST

National Award-winning filmmaker Gnana Rajasekaran, who is awaiting the release of forthcoming Tamil-English biopic Ramanujan, says making biopics is "challenging" as they need to have modern day relevance for audiences.

"If you're making a biopic in 2014, you need to have some modern day relevance for audiences. You can't make a biopic just because you have an inspiring story. Even you and I may have some interesting events in our lives, but that doesn't qualify to be made into a biopic," Rajasekaran said.

"A biopic should be an eye opener for the society. It should raise questions or present answers. Ramanujan presents an answer to the question how India handles a genius like a mathematics wizard like Srinivasa Ramanujan," he said.

He strongly feels Ramanujan will appeal to the audience because such a story is found in every household in our country.

"My film is not just about Ramanujan, but it's about how geniuses are handled by the country. I believe even today if a genius is born in an Indian household, his or her fate will be same as that of Ramanujan. This will connect with the audiences and it will definitely appeal to them," he added.

"I felt the story of Ramanujan would be relevant for today's youth. That's why I decided to make it as a film. It has a trigger point that will pique audience's interest. Biopics need to have a trigger point to inspire audiences," he added.

The filmmaker, who has been lauded for his previous biopics such as Bharathi and Periyar, feels Ramanujan too will be widely appreciated.

"After the release of Bharathi, I was informed that the sales of books on Bharati had skyrocketed. Moreover, since the film had portrayed the social reform side of Bharati, audiences embraced it. Periyar commercially did well too. I feel Ramanujan too will leave a mark on the viewers," he said.

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