Breast cancer survivor can get married and have kids: Paoli Dam

  • Anindita Acharya, Hindustan Times, Kolkata
  • Updated: Jun 25, 2015 19:23 IST

Actor Paoli Dam, who plays a breast cancer patient in her upcoming Bengali film, Take Care, says that the film takes references from Academy Award-winning actor Angelina Jolie, who had to undergo a double mastectomy for inheriting the BRCA1 gene, which raises the risk of ovarian and breast cancer. Paoli is a supermodel in the film, which is being directed by Jayashree.

Jolie's family has a history of deaths because of the BRCA1 gene, which includes her mother, aunt and grandmother. "Few cancers are genetically transferred such as the one which Angelina Jolie was detected with. She had a double mastectomy," says Paoli.

Worldwide, breast cancer is the most common form of cancer in women. Paoli's upcoming film takes a look at this fast-spreading disease. The Hate Story actor feels it is high time films start highlighting relevant subjects through a strong narrative and spread social awareness. "There's a lot of misconception about breast cancer. Most of us think it's a fatal disease. But if diagnosed early followed by proper treatment, it can be cured. We are trying to give a social message through this film," says the actor.

Paoli plays a successful supermodel Teesta whose life undergoes a dramatic change when she notices a lump in her breast and is diagnosed with breast cancer.

The actor also says that she didn't know about the disease much before signing the film. However, she did a lot of research on the subject before she started shooting for the film. "Breast is a precious part of a woman's body but being diagnosed with breast cancer doesn't mean the end of the world. A woman suffering from breast cancer can be get married and also become a mother. All one needs is proper treatment. I have done a lot of reading on cancer," says the actor of Ankur Arora Murder Case, Moner Manush and Parapar.

Celebrities who have battled breast cancer
One in eight women develops breast cancer. Over the years, a number of celebrities have been diagnosed with breast cancer, and have successfully overcome the disease and has emerged as strong human beings.

Kylie Minogue: The Australian pop star was misdiagnosed when she went for a test for a lump in her breast. However, it came as a rude shock to her fans when a second round of test proved positive. The singer later advised other women not to follow doctors blindly.

Kathy Bates: After surviving ovarian cancer, the Oscar-winning actor was diagnosed with breast cancer and underwent double mastectomy. She revealed to the world that she was diagnosed with breast cancer in September 2012 on Twitter.

Cynthia Nixon: Initially, Cynthia, known worldwide for her character Miranda in The Sex and the City series, didn't want to reveal her disease. However, Cynthia, whose mother also survived breast cancer, later shared her brave story with the world.

Christina Applegate: After the American actor was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 36 in April 2008, she had to go for a double mastectomy. The Married with Children star now vouches for early detection of cancer in women.

Sheryl Crow: The singer-songwriter had a lumpectomy and underwent radiation therapy when she was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2006.

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