Dohchay's style and content very new age: Naga Chaitanya

  • IANS, Chennai
  • Updated: Apr 20, 2015 15:14 IST

Actor Naga Chaitanya who is getting ready for the release of his new movie Dohchay this Friday, says his new thriller is a step towards new age cinema -- the kind Telugu audience haven't experienced before.

"The highlight of the project will be that it's definitely not going to be the kind of film that Telugu audience has been seeing. The presentation, style and content will be very new age. It's a heist drama packed with lot of entertainment," said Chaitanya.

Directed by Sudheer Varma of Swamy Ra Ra fame, Dohchay features Kriti Sanon in the lead.

"As an actor, it was a genre I never attempted before. Sudheer may have already made a film in this genre, but Dohchay is very fresh and the youngsters will dig it. Ever since I saw Ra Ra, I've been thinking of doing a con film," he said, and added that Sudheer was one of the best technicians he's ever worked with.

"A lot of directors rely on other technicians to get their work done, but Sudheer is an exception. He's fun to work with and doesn't really believe in making Rs 100 crore films. His ideas are very new age. He believes in writing good content and focuses turning that into great films," he added.

Unlike Chaitanya's previous films, action in Dohchay will be realistic.

"The action here is not me against a group of henchmen. Since it's a crime drama, most of the action is on the run. You'll find lot of car and bike chase sequences choreographed in Hollywood style," he said, adding that he prefers realistic action over commercialised stunts.

"Honestly, I relate to this kind of action more because I like to make cinema as realistic as possible. I don't usually prefer over-the-top action. We avoided using VFX, and managed to keep everything realistic. With the help of the stunt choreographer, we pulled off all the stunts and I enjoyed the process a lot," he added.

It's impossible to make a heist film in India without being compared to the West.

Nodding in agreement, Chaitanya said: "I think Sudheer has openly admitted of being influenced by Hollywood. Filmmakers like Guy Ritchie and Quentin Tarantino are his inspiration. His working style and execution maybe very Hollywood; but the emotions and sensibilities of his stories are very south Indian."

Talking about his co-star Kriti, he said that she's extremely professional and one of the few heroines he has worked with who took efforts to speak the language.

"It's easier to work with an actor who speaks the language because then you can react well. I liked the fact that she spoke the language despite not knowing it. I think it was great working with her and to top it all, she's stunning," Chaitanya said.

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