Highway mirrors shades of life: Koel Mallick

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  • Updated: Jul 30, 2014 20:17 IST

Sharing screen space with buddy Parambrata Chatterjee for the second time after the dark, broody Hemlock Society, actor Koel Mallick says their upcoming flick Highway mirrors the flow of life.

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Koel, who says she would love to portray Mary Kom if opportunities came her way for her grit, determination to disprove stereotypes about girls, said, "As a psychology student, my power to observe human characters came in handy in different shades of roles 'from the so unlike me' Meghna in Hemlock to the serene, reconciling but misunderstood life partner of a yuppie in Highway. In Hemlock and Highway, we portray contrasting shades. But that has to be. Every film boils down to relationships. It is the way you look at things, at life and you bracket them. But unlike the freaky, stranger Hemlock girl, Sohini is one who believes in squeezing time for just a phone call to the people impotant in her life. She is more effervescent," Koel, who had debuted in Nater Guru on a writer Samaresh Basu story years back, said.

Koel, who recalls Highway was formerly named as Aparichito (Unknown), says it is a road film where relationships make and break on the journey trail. "We act as romantics before the camera to make people understand there is actually no love once the freshness is gone in certain journey of life. Whatever shades we portrayed in previous films, co-starring with a friend aids you to add that realistic touch, make the shots real like and not reel like at the basic level," she said.

"Highway teaches one basic lesson, One God creating so many human beings, but all different in complexities, layers and charactersiticis," she said.

Coming to Arundhati, another Surinder Films Productions, where she portayed the demon slayer as the first women-centric mainstream film, Koel said, "It is a film which stamps its disapproval of abuse of women who are the creator of lives. Arundhati, as well as Debi Paksho made years ago, embody the power of She-Goddess, who is worshipped by Man. She is the protector."

Koel, who is happy with the changing facade of more and more women-centric films hitting the turnstiles in Bollywood and now even Tollywood, said, "It is a moment of pride that Kahani is being made in Hollywood."

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