Maari trailer: Dhanush as the cocky slum lord is fun to watch

  • Nivedita Mishra, Hindustan Times, New Delhi
  • Updated: Jun 26, 2015 18:47 IST

The trailer of Dhanush starrer Maari is out! And this time, it comes with sub titles in English too! As the trailer opens, we see a constable briefing the cop about Maari who was just another guy some eight years back. All he cared for was taking care for his pigeons! But all that changed. Now, he has reached a new level altogether. The police, apparently, can't lay a finger on him.

All along we get to see Dhanush, the toughie -- pigeons flying, car windows breaking and then appears a cigarette-puffing Dhanush. With an up-turned moustache and thick gold chains, Dhanush makes for a perfect Chennai don.

Watch Maari trailer here:

We know from the previous teaser of Maari that Dhanush plays a slum lord from a Chennai neighbourhood. Here we get to see lot of him.

Do the slum folks fear him? Yes, of course! But is he like a typical don? Not quite! This don is actually bit of a mischief-maker in his free time. Which don will sit on a scooter with his sidekicks at the head of a 'galli' and burst balloons of kids playing in the area in mock seriousness? Looks like, even as a tough cookie, Dhanush always has room for some fun!

We see much more of Kajal Agarwal, his lady love. It's obvious the girl trips both for Maari's bravado as well as his playfulness. His sidekicks too get to mouth dialogues. There's even a don versus cop scene.

All of this tells us that while our hero, Dhanush as Maari, will bash up the bad guys, expect to see flashes of his boy-get-next-door avatar as well. For this one looks to be a gangster comedy!

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