Teaser review: Watch Siddharth struggle with insomnia in Enakkul Oruvan

  • Nivedita Mishra, Hindustan Times, New Delhi
  • Updated: Sep 09, 2014 17:35 IST

It's a double delight of sorts for all Siddharth fans. The teaser of the actor's new psychological thriller, Enakkul Oruvan, which was released late on Monday night, has him appearing in a double role -- as a theatre hall torch shiner and as a movie superstar -- and he's already setting tongues wagging among his fans. The conviction with which Siddharth essays both the roles should help him establish his credentials as a talented multi-dimensional actor down south.

The Tamil remake of hit Kannada film, Lucia, Enakkul Oruvan is about an insomniac who works at a theatre as an usherer. Struggling to cope with is problem, he chances upon magical pills from a drug dealer who promises to make him sleep. But there is a rider attached with the offer -- the pills help the person dream the life he/she wants to live but in case he/she chooses to discontinue it, life’s going to turn into a nightmare.

Pushed against the wall, Siddharth’s character takes the pill and dreams that he is now a glamorous film star. But something deadly and ghastly awaits as his character sways between an insignificant life in the theatre hall to the dangerously thrilling life of a movie star.

Siddharth, of course, is in his elements, effortlessly playing a gullible if clumsy 'torch shiner' (there seems to be deliberate attempt there; Siddharth appears to be sporting a buck tooth!) to a movie star with that customary swagger.

The teaser is slickly produced with nothing but a hint of the plot. It also sees Siddharth turn a singer again with Prabalamagavey, which, incidentally, is the background score playing through the teaser. Needless to say, it’s chic and contemporary in style and while Siddharth may not be a singer by training, he does an admirable job of a crooner.


Siddharth in a double role in Tamil psychological thriller, Enakkul Oruvan

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