Was Aarthi forced to go under the knife due to industry pressure?

  • Torsha Sen, Hindustan Times, New Delhi
  • Updated: Jun 08, 2015 17:07 IST

The recent death of Telugu film actor Aarthi Aggarwal, 31, owing to a cardiac arrest possibly prompted by a failed liposuction surgery, has turned the spotlight on the lengths that heroines have to go, to look good. Apparently, Aggarwal first approached a doctor in Hyderabad for the surgery, but was turned away because there was no extra fat in her body that could be removed. She then went to the US for surgery.

Many heroines are known to have got corrective surgery done to change the way they look, and many have confessed that they are forced to do these surgeries by filmmakers and other industry insiders. Actor Shilpa Shetty who was probably the first Bollywood celebrity who, in the ’90s got more attention for her nose job than her work, has revealed in an interview that she was asked to get the surgery. “I was 18 and was working on my second film, and my director suggested I get a nose job done. I was playing a rich girl, and the director thought my nose was ‘too flat’ for the character,” she said, adding, “It (surgery) turned out to be a terrible mistake. Suddenly, I had a nose that wasn’t straight and it hurt me too.”

Actor Koena Mitra, too, had a tough time dealing with a failed nose job. “After the surgery, my bones started swelling up. Even the doctors gave up and said that medicine and prayers will work,” she said. Filmmaker Mohit Suri has revealed in a recent interview that some directors do ask actors to change the way they look. “I have heard of directors telling their actresses to lose some weight or get a breast implant to become a bigger heroine. I never work that way,” he says. Filmmaker Pritish Nandy, however, feels that heroines can put their foot down. “I think people have the right to comment, but after all it’s a personal decision. Getting a nose job, a lip job or breast implants only arises when a person is insecure about himself or herself and how they look.”

Meanwhile, doctors say that a liposuction surgery gone wrong can actually turn fatal. “Liposuction can go wrong if fat is removed from the body without compensating it with fluids. Two to three kilos of fat can be removed from a body at once, but there have been cases when 8-9 kilos of fat has been removed, and the consequences have been fatal,” says Dr Karuna Malhotra, cosmetologist.

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